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Inquiry with many questions

How much delivery time ?

Vit 45 days, resinoid 20 days, MG 30 days, YS 20 days is a guideline. Please contact us feel free.

Please tell me the corresponding district.

Kansai, Chubu, Japan mainly in the Kanto district, also in overseas is available.

Is it possible to make the grinding wheel to adapt to their grinding conditions?

Our grinding wheel in made-to-order goods more than 90%, and proposes the optimal grinding wheel to use conditions.

Is it possible to evaluate the test cut and grinding wheel of prototype?

Cylindrical grinding machine in the house, surface grinder, because there is a centerless grinding machine, work size, grinding conditions, etc. It is possible if fit.

Is there a grinding wheel expiration date?

Resinoid, MG, because YS grindstone cause changes over time, and I am allowed to be one year from the date of inspection. In addition, for the Vit grinding wheel, we do not particularly providing a deadline.

Anyone Can I attach the grinding wheel?

Do not be attached only people who received special education on safe work of the grinding wheel.

Are you sure you want to use the side of the grinding wheel?

Use surface by grinding wheel shape has been determined, the side use outside that can be used side shape is strictly prohibited.

Up to where the grinding wheel or is available?

In the case of flat-shaped grinding wheel, in one-tenth of the point where they exit from the flange, in to the position, that are almost stretched the label, in the case of dent-shaped grinding wheel, it is up to the position of 1/5 of the portion except dent.
and In the case of disk-shaped grinding wheel, is available to use limit line.

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