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About Wheels

What is the grinding wheel?

Grinding wheel is a tool for grinding a workpiece by rotating at high speed. The advantage of grinding wheel is as follow : The cutting edge of the abrasive grain becomes dull along with the progress of grinding and grinding resistance becomes larger. Then bonding wmaterial together with the dull grain falls out leaving new grain with sharp edge, resulting in continued effective grinding, i.e. self-revival of the grinding surface of the wheel.

Three elements of the grinding wheel

Grinding wheel is made up of three elements,i.e. abrasive grain, bonding material and pore.

1.Abrasive grain
It has a role of cutting edge. It is very hard and chemically stable. Its material is selected depending on the grinding method and kind of work-piece.
2.Bonding material
It serves to bind & hold the abrasive grains. Its binding force is determined by the kind and amount of the bonding material used.
Sharpener and it works to reduce the exclusion or grinding heat of debris.
It affects the grinding effect of such adjustment of abrasive grain spacing in size and number.

Grinding wheel manufacturing process

Display the contents of the grinding wheel

Abrasive grain Granularity Hardness Structure Bonding material Shape Dimension
WA 80 K 7 VMH7 1-A 350×32×127
Maximum peripheral speed use
View and grinding wheel and use the highest peripheral speed per second many meters is in that of the peripheral speed of the maximum that can be used safely, in any case, you should not be used at a rate that exceeded this.
The relationship between the peripheral speed and the grinding wheel outside diameter and machinery of wheel spindle speed is given by the following equation.
Grinding wheel outer diameter (mm) × pi (3.14) × rotation speed (rpm) ÷ 60000 = peripheral speed (m / s)

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