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For Your Safety

In order to use the grinding wheel safely

Grinding wheel is a safe tool if it is possible to how to use along the basic.
However, is the handling of incorrect use and careless machinery and, you lead to damage of the grinding wheel.
For safety reasons, based on the occupational health and safety rules and grinder, etc. structure standard,
Please refer to the correct work must always observe the “Safety Guide”.

Special Notes

  1. I confirm that the grinding machine for attaching the grinding wheel are compatible.
  2. Grindstone, do not use beyond the maximum operating peripheral speed that is listed on the inspection form.
  3. If you have not received safety education, not a replacement-commissioning of the grinding wheel.
  4. Tighten bolts at the same length, I use something appropriate.
  5. Do not overtighten the tightening bolt excessively.
  6. Not clean the contact surface between the wheel flange is not used not flat.
  7. Flange is not used no escape.
    ※Flange with escape in the case of nuts embedded grinding wheel is not used.
  8. Outer diameter using the flange of the left and right equally proper shape.
  9. If the specified work, safety glasses, I wear the protective equipment such as dust mask.
  10. Except wheels intended for use aspects, it does not use the side.
  11. After the grinding operation is finished, stop the grinding fluid, to stop the grinding wheel rotation after performing the draining.
  12. For wheels is provided of the quality guarantee period, and use complete within the quality guarantee period.

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